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The Garret - Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

We shall be posting ideas for projects and exercises that you can do at home.

Take a picture of your work and email it to [email protected] and we'll post it on our 'Garret Gallery'

Painting and drawing ideas for home working.......

Work on a series of small studies

If you have limited space and resources, this could be a good time to build up a body of resource work that you can take on to larger paintings later.

All you need is a sketch book, drawing stuff, maybe a small watercolour set.  You could maybe order some small painting boards / acrylics, online.  Bits of old hardboard, mount board or thick cardboard can be used for painting on – prime with emulsion paint.

Here are some ideas:  

• Changing skies – can be done by looking out of the window on different days

• Self- portraits or portraits of anyone you might be holed up with!  Draw your pet!

• Spring is coming – make studies of ‘growth’ from nature – details of flowers and  buds.  If you have a garden, find a small section to draw/paint

•Develop ideas into mixed media – mix collage with drawing and painting

A still life can be easily set up on a tray – just simple domestic objects


• Make a ‘visual diary’ of your ‘lockdown experience’

• Visualise an episode from a novel or an autobiographical event

Take a look at Stanley Spencer, Carel Weight, Howard Hodgkin, Peter Doig or Paula Rego for inspiration

Reference an artist – spend some time researching an artist online – find out about their choice of subject, what motivated them and  how they fit into the development of western art.  Explore  their painting methods, the colour palette they used, use of composition methods……. Look at Giorgio Morandi, Gwen John, Bonnard , Mary Fedden – artists whose work focuses on interiors, still life and domestic portraiture

Perspective – Drawing the corner of a room

Aim:  to grasp the principles of single and two point perspective - in a situation where you can really see the effect.

Take a look at how artists have tackled the perspective in an interior.  Set up to draw a corner of a room in your house. This will clearly demonstrate the concept of a vanishing point and straight lines converging to this point – much more so than objects on a table in a still life.  Use  mostly line but then drawings can be developed with hatching, and solid shading.  This video should help to get the idea of using two vanishing points

Self-Portraiture - Lets have lots of self-portraits in our gallery!

Materials:  Cartridge paper/sketch pad  2B pencil, charcoal pencils, graphite sticks, conte crayon, compressed charcoal rubbers

Aims:  Understanding of facial structure and proportions.  Sensitive use of media to establish subtle tonal variety.

Using  Kathe Kollwitz’s brilliant self- portraits as an inspiration , this exercise is about looking deeply at your own face to produce an intense close up.  

Garret  Vermeer Garret Kolwitz Garret 1 Garret Weight Garret Morandi Garret still life Garret window Garret Hambling Garret Sky

The Garret Gallery....   just waiting for your images!


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