Northlight Art  



Sue is a ceramic artist, teacher and maker. A member of the Northern Potters Association and long term studio holder at Northlight.


‘Memory, relationships and the lived environment provide the subject matter for much of my work. I often incorporate and re-present everyday domestic items, found fragments and scraps which connect to the past.


I enjoy the process of handbuilding using a wide variety of clays – pushing the boundaries to see what will survive the harsh stoneware firing. Recent landscape work mixes clay with paper, perlite, grits, oxides and stains to create pieces which reflect the landscape around my home on the moor tops above the Calder Valley. There is a physicality about the process from the initial walking to preparing the clays and forming the objects which resonate with the appearance and past life of a worked landscape.’


Sue’s work has been exhibited at a number of Northern galleries, events and arts festivals.



mob. 07804616206

[email protected]