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Regular Weekly Courses

Basic materials, equipment and kiln firings are included in the price. There may be small additional charges for specialist materials and some materials such as watercolour paper and canvases we can sell to you at cost. We generally need at least 8 people for a course to run. Dates of courses are subject to change and courses may be withdrawn if they are not viable.


ENROLMENT - Please contact us to find out about availablity of places - we run on a term by term basis and we have many returners - so some courses may already be full.  However, we'll always do our best to fit you in or at least get you on the waiting list for places so do contactus even if the course says 'FULL'.  It is often possible to start a course mid-term subject to availability.

Easy Payment - We aim to make our courses as affordable as possible whilst maintaining high standards.  Please ask for options to spread your course fees if it helps to make payment easier for you


To enquire about places        Email:    Call : 01422 843519         Buy courses from our online shop






Spring Term 2019 Regular Weekly courses

1 week term starts 14th January

Half-term week Feb 18th - Feb 22nd



Art Foundations…  with Tina Foran  FULL

Mondays 9.30am - 12.00 from 14th Jan 10 weeks  £130

A course for the not so terrified and those with some previous experience.  Working from a variety of source material and use different media, and develop knowledge in colour theory, techniques and applications including painting, (acrylic/ink/watercolour) drawing, printing and mixed media.


Creative Calligraphy   with Helen Hayman  

Mondays 10am - 12.30  from 14th Jan 10 weeks  £130

This term will be looking at a modern hand called Foundational Hand based on Carolingian Book Hands in use between 800 and 1200 AD. Today's clear simple lines have an elegant, modern appearance and we will look and ways of presenting texts to the reader in a variety of ways.


Art for the Less Terrified!  with Tina Foran  FULL

Mondays 1pm  14th Jan 10 weeks £130

A broad course that will build on your skills and interest in using a variety of media, structured sessions with plenty of demonstrations on techniques and approaches including painting(acrylic/ink/watercolour) drawing, printing and mixed media. Then time for self-directed study with full tutor guidance.


Ceramics Evening Class with Katch Skinner  FULL

Mondays 7-9pm from 14th Jan 10 weeks  £150 inc materials & firings

Evening  sessions aimed at all levels who want to grasp the essential techniques of building forms and vessels, making tiles, glazing and surface effects.  Open to beginners and those with some experience


Creative Stained Glass with Karl Theobald  

Mondays 7-9pm from  14th Jan 10 weeks  £150 inc lead, solder.  Individual pricing for glass used.

Working with master stained glass artist Karl Theobald, you will learn the basics of making leaded glass panels, foil techniques and glass painting, leading to designing a project of your own. Specialist tools provided



The Art of Textiles with Emma Wilkinson  Tuesdays 10am - 12.30pm from 15th Jan  10 weeks £130

Immerse yourself into the art of textiles. This term try rag rug techniques, silk painting, felting and much more! Work towards making your own piece of textile artwork.   Suitable for beginners


Art for the Terrified! - Absolute beginners with Tina Foran  FULL

Tuesdays 10am - 12.30pm from 15th Jan  10 weeks £130

Supportive and structured sessions where you will learn skills, that will include painting,(acrylic/ink/watercolour) drawing, printing and mixed media. Try out different approaches, experiment with a variety of media above all, have fun!


Art for the Terrified Evenings  with Tina Foran   Tuesdays 7-9pm  from 15th Jan  10 weeks £120 FULL

The course offers plenty of structured exercises giving you the skills and encouragement to experiment with

different  approaches and materials using a mixed media approach. Techniques include painting, (acrylic/ink/

watercolour) drawing, printing and mixed media.


Life Drawing Techniques  with Simon Manfield  Tuesdays 7pm -9pm from 15th Jan  10 weeks £130 FULL

Tutored by artist Simon Manfield this course focuses on honing observational skills to gain a greater practical and theoretical understanding of drawing the human figure. With one-to-one tutor feedback throughout. All levels are welcome.


Young Northlighters

Practical artist led sessions for young artists  

Tues  4 - 5.30pm    £60 for a 6 session block from 15th Jan

Aged 9-15 and interested in Art? These sessions are aimed at developing your confidence and trying different approaches - from drawing and painting to ceramics, printmaking and experimentation with 2D and 3Dmedia.  

We have two groups - ages 9-11 and 12-15   We are currently full but contact us for availability and to go on the

waiting list




Painting towards Abstraction   with Dominic Vince  FULL

Wednesdays 10.00 am - 12.30pm from 16th Jan 

10 weeks £130Come to terms with abstract concepts that are fundamental to all painting in this popular painting workshop. Work on given subjects or your own ideas in oils or acrylics


Evening Painting Workshop with Dominic Vince  FULL

Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm from 16th Jan 10 weeks  £120

A broad painting workshop using oils or acrylics. Learn about seeing, mixing and relating colours, what to look for and how to see more in your subject.  Work from observation and develop an understanding of figurative and abstract concerns.  All levels welcome




Painting - Approaches to Landscape  with Dominic Vince  

Thursdays 10.00 am - 12.30pm from 17th Jan 10 weeks £130

A painting class with an emphasis on landscape.  Work in oils or acrylics and join a like-minded  group who are

on the same journey -  solving the diverse problems that present themselves when dealing with landscape or townscape as a subject  


Ceramics Workshops with Sue Turner &  Katch Skinner   FULL

Thurs 9.30am - 12.30pm or 1.30 pm - 4.30pm  from 17th Jan 10 weeks £180  inc materials and firings

Work with professional ceramic artists and develop your own ideas in a supportive and tutored

workshop setting. Hand build, throw or use plaster moulds to produce both sculptural and functional items.

All levels welcome but please check for availability as these classes are very popular.  


Thursday Painting workshop with Don Myers & Dorothy Simister  FULL

Thursdays 1.30pm - 4pm  from 17th Jan 10 weeks £130

As well as giving advice on formal and technical painting concerns, this busy workshop will give the chance to develop your own ideas and projects within a supportive group. The workshop will encourage imaginative and personal approaches and we will help you to find the means of visual expression to successfully interpret your ideas


Ceramics Evening Class with Katch Skinner  FULL

Thurs 7-9pm from 17th Jan 10 weeks £150 inc materials & firings

Evening  sessions aimed at all levels who want to grasp the essential techniques of building forms and vessels, making tiles, glazing and surface effects


Learning to Draw with Don Myers & Dorothy Simister    Thurs 7pm - 9pm from 17th Jan 10 weeks £120  FULL

Aimed at improving your drawing confidence, Don Myers and Dorothy Simister will lead you through a series of exercises that will help you to understand what you see and to develop your drawing skills. Use a full range of drawing materials and experiment with a variety of techniques and approaches



Printmaking Class   with Rachel Red    Fridays 10am - 12.30pm   from  18th Jan 10 weeks £130  FULL

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience, this ongoing class will help develop your skills and ideas. This term includes lino printing, dry point intaglio printing and chine collé


Watercolour Journey  with Jayn Barker   Fridays 10am -12.30am from 18th Jan 10 weeks £130

Explore and practice a variety of basic watercolour techniques and then experiment with texture and colour to create sketchbook work and a small series of paintings


Printmaking Workshop with Rachel Red  Fridays 1-3.30pm    from  18th Jan 10 weeks £130

A session for more practiced printmakers to develop their own projects with technical and critical support

























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