Northlight Art  


Regular Weekly Courses

Basic materials to get you started and kiln firings are included.  There may be small additional charges for specialist materials and some materials such as watercolour paper, we can sell to you at cost. We generally need at least 8 people for a course to run. Dates of courses are subject to change.


Please contact us to find out about availablity of places - we run on a term by term basis but we have many returners.  We'll always do our best to fit you in! It is often possible to start a course mid-term subject to availability.

Easy Payment - We aim to make our courses as affordable as possible whilst maintaining high standards.  Please ask for options to spread your course fees if it helps to make payment easier for you


To book your place Email: Call : 01422 843519

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Autumn Term 2017 Regular Weekly courses

12 week term unless otherwise stated



Daytime Courses  


CALLIGRAPHY - A LOOK AT LETTERS OLD & NEW   with Helen Hayman  Places available

Mondays 10am - 12.30  from 11th Sept   7 weeks  £85

Explore the exciting world of letterforms from Ancient Greece to the 21st century

Create new and exciting letters using pens, pencils and brushes and even make your own pens. Take a look at how we can use them for cards, books and anything else we wish to put letters on.


ART FOUNDATIONS  with Tina Foran   Mondays 9.30am - 12am from 11th Sept  12 weeks  £150 FULL 

A course to e tend your practice through practical, fully demonstrated classes using a variety of techniques and materials. Each student will be able to build up a portfolio of work showing techniques, materials and processes.


ART FOR THE TERRIFIED with Tina Foran  Mondays 1pm from  11th Sept  12 weeks  £150 FULL

A course for beginners that will introduce a variety of techniques and materials in an informal setting by a supportive

and professional tutor.You will learn basic skills to enable you to explore and experiment.


CREATIVE TEXTILES Tuesdays 10am—12.30pm from  19th Sept

Unfortunately due to staffing issues we are now unable to offer this course.  We hope to offer more textiles courses and workshops in the future so please let us know if you are interested


PAINTING TOWARDS ABSTRACTION with Dominic Vince Weds & Thurs 10.00 am - 12.30am from 13th Sept  

12 weeks  £150  Weds class full - a couple of places left on the Thursday session

A painting workshop aimed at coming to terms with abstract concepts that are fundamental to all painting.

Work on given subjects or your own ideas in oils or acrylics


ADVENTURES IN ART with Perri Webster   Weds 1pm-3.30pm  from 13th Sept 12 weeks  £150 Places available

An exciting painting and drawing course using structured exercises in colour, composition and form and a variety of techniques to develop and expand your own art practise. Informative sessions will also study the work of other artists to give context and inspiration


PAINTING WORKSHOP with Dorothy Simister    Thurs 1.30pm-4pm from 21st Sept 12 weeks  £150

Ongoing painting workshops using oils or acrylics with a varied approach to subject matter. With excellent tuition, this class is suitable for beginners who need structure and guidance and for the more confident wishing to pursue their own ideas  A couple of places available


CERAMICS WORKSHOPS with Sue Turner & Katch Skinner  

Morning session full but please contact us for availability and to join our waiting list

Thurs 9.30am - 12.30pm (Sue Turner) or

1.30 pm - 4.30pm (Katch Skinner) from 5th Oct 10 weeks £180 inc materials and firings 

Working with professional ceramics artists, you will be encouraged to develop your own ideas within a supportive and tutored workshop environment. Produce sculptural forms, functional items, jewellery, etc…

Please note different start date


WATERCOLOUR JOURNEY with Jayn Barker    Fridays 10am -12.30am from 16th Sept 12 weeks  £150

We are unable to run course but please contact us if you are interested in watercolour classes - we shall start as soon as we have a viable group

Enjoy this fresh, lively approach to using watercolour - a course that will really get you started. Artist Jayn Barker will teach basic techniques and encourage you to experiment!

Explore a variety of techniques & processes and experiment with texture and colour to create sketchbook work

and a small series of seascape/waterscape paintings


PRINTMAKING WORKSHOP with Rachel Red   Fridays 10am - 12.30pm from 16th Sept 12 weeks  £150 FULL

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience, this ongoing class will help develop your skills and ideas

Explore collagraph printing, linocut and printed patterns

New starters welcome


Young Northlighters Twilight sessions........

with artists Katch Skinner, Rachel Red  


Tues 4-5.30pm from 12th Sept  6 weeks £60

Practical artist led sessions for young artists aged 9-15. Aimed at developing skills, confidence and stimulating interest, these sessions will cover a range of approaches from drawing and painting to printmaking and experimentation with 2D and 3D media.    

We are now taking names for the Autumn term.  We'd really like to create a separate older group (ages 12-15). The group size is limited to 12.



Evening Courses


Mondays and Thursdays  7-9pm from  11th, 14th Sept 10 weeks   £150 inc materials & firings

Evening  sessions aimed at all levels who want to grasp the essential techniques of building forms and

vessels, making tiles, glazing and surface effects



Mondays 7-9pm from 11th Sept 12 weeks £180 inc lead, solder. Individual pricing for glass used 

Working with stained glass artist Karl Theobald, you will learn the basics of making leaded glass panels, foil techniques, glass fusing and glass painting, leading to devising a project of your own. Specialist tools provided


ART FOR THE TERRIFIED EVENINGS with Tina  Foran Tuesdays 7-9pm from 12th Sept 12 weeks £135 FULL

A mixed media course to break the ice and for those people who want to build creative confidence. The course offers plenty of structured exercises as well as encouraging you to experiment with different approaches and materials


LIFE DRAWING TECHNIQUES with Simon Manfield  Tuesdays 7pm -9pm from  12th Sept 12 weeks £150 FULL

Structured life drawing sessions with expert tuition that will cover the fundamentals of successful life drawing New starters always welcome!


EVENING PAINTING WORKSHOP with Dominic Vince   Weds 7pm - 9pm from 13th Sept 12 weeks £135

Places available

A broad painting class using oils or acrylics.  Learn about seeing, mixing and relating colours, what to look for and how to see more in your subject. Work from observation and develop an understanding of abstract concerns. All levels welcome


LEARNING TO DRAW with Dorothy Simister & guest tutors    Thurs 7pm - 9pm from 21st Sept 12 weeks £135

Places available

A course to teach how to draw what we see, not what we know, as well as how to express ourselves through different drawing methods. You will explore a variety of techniques and how your eye can be trained to see, measure and relate objects to each other










Adventures in Art

with Perri Webster - Wednesday afternoons

Learning to Draw - action shot Dominic in action Life Drawing ceramics saw wan Learning to Draw Dominic Oil painting Painting class - Peri Webster Weds painting Perri Vikki new small watercolor-795156_960_720 A4T print Print calligraphy book round the still life A4T