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Forthcoming Artspace Events:



Discover more about how artists work and share your experience over a glass of wine.

Sessions will vary from informal discussions, ‘Show & Tell’ evenings to more formal lectures.

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Friday 13th March 7pm  Nicolas de Stael  A talk by Dominic Vince    

An introduction to the work and life of Nicolas de Stael, and the brief, turbulent journey of one

of the most distinctive voices in modern painting.

From figurative painting to abstract then back again, from refugee, to Foreign Legionnaire

to artist, from Russia, to Morocco to Paris, via, of all things, an innocuous football match……….


Sat 4th April 11am - 4pm


Hebden Bridge WI return to Northlight with their popular Rag market - a  fantastic market  place of all things textile!

Also at the Town Hall and the Egg Factory


Fri 1st May 7 - 9pm    ANNIE HARRISON & BOB GAUNT

Culture Walk

Art historian Bob Gaunt and Northlight artist Annie Harrison present their new project, a walk along

rivers and canals from Liverpool to Hull, to explore the legacies of these ‘cities of culture’.  

With a special interest in participation and access to the arts, Annie and Bob will be inviting the

audience to join the discussion about the importance of culture for all.


Fri 15th May 7 - 9pm    SIMON MANFIELD

Space and Solidarity 

Simon Manfield talks about his remarkable recent drawings and illustrations.

“Themes of memory, place and time run through my arts practice. The work I will speak about

represents, in visual terms, two related motifs that weave between those themes: space, an

adorned or unadorned distance present in the compositions, and the solidarity of the communities

I portray. Both inform the cycle of everyday life, both extraordinary and mundane.”


Fri 5th June  7 - 9pm   MARTIN HEARNE

‘The people in these paintings are closer than they appear’

Travelling along the same Bradford streets every day, Marti Hearne’s paintings reflect that

experience.  The results are paintings about Bradford that are both familiar and personal,

inventive and moving. Hearne’s career has taken him from painting to ceramics

(teaching ceramics at Bradford College) and now back to painting.




We present short exhibitions that dovetail aroiund our course programme



Opening evening Friday 24th April    7pm - 9pm  (All Welcome)  

Exhibition open Sat 25th - Sun 26th April11am-5pm       

Over the last three years, Sharon Bentley has been painting Hebden Bridge’s ‘busker’ community.

In this, her first solo exhibition, she captures the spirit of our towns many diverse and amazing performers,

the people and it’s buildings.



Opening evening    Friday 8th May 7pm - 9pm    (All Welcome)

Exhibition open   Sat 9th- Sun 10th May       11am-5pm       

A group of painters who met at Northlight Art School’s Wednesday “Painting towards Abstraction” class  led by

Dominic Vince.

These talented artists have explored forms drawn from the visible and invisible world, using shapes, colour and gestural marks to create expressive and abstract artworks. They have remained free of representational restraints and taken each painting on a journey, aiming to express their own thoughts


20-20  vision   


Opening Evening  Thursday 2nd July 7-9pm  

Then open throughout the Open Studios  weekend   3rd - 5th July  11am - 5pm

Over 200 aspiring artists attend Northlight Art School’s weekly classes. This wonderfully diverse exhibition celebrates their

achievement and the spirit of creative aspiration at Northlight.  

Painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles,   printmaking, stained glass and work from our amazing Young Northlighters



Fri 3rd, Sat 4th, Sun 5th July  11am - 5pm

A warm welcome awaits you at this year’s  Hebden Bridge Open Studios  event - a great  chance to take in the breadth

of Northlight’s resident artist’s  work.  An unmissable  family friendly event where you can chat to the artists,

discover how they make their art and of course buy direct from the studio.   Refreshments, kids activity table and more!





















40519-hbwilogo Culture Walk small Dun 2019, Ink on paper. small Manningham Afternoon Sharon Bentley Revelation IMG_5187 HBOS2020