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Forthcoming Artspace Events:



Discover more about how artists work and share your experience over a glass of wine.

Sessions will vary from informal discussions, ‘Show & Tell’ evenings to more formal lectures.

£3 kitty


Show and Tell Evening     Friday 28th February 7pm

An informal, social and safe place to talk about a piece of your work for just 5 minutes.

This could be work in progress, a future concept or work from the past….. get feedback, network

and share your creative passion.  These sessions are open to artists and craftspeople working in

all media and at any point in their artistic career including Northlight students.  

These evenings are getting more and more popular  so make sure you book your 5 min slot!


Nicolas de Stael  A talk by Dominic Vince    Friday 13th March 7pm

An introduction to the work and life of Nicolas de Stael, and the brief, turbulent journey of one

of the most distinctive voices in modern painting.

From figurative painting to abstract then back again, from refugee, to Foreign Legionnaire

to artist, from Russia, to Morocco to Paris, via, of all things, an innocuous football match……….







Stael-ds-son-atelier064 Karl Glass painting small




Opening evening Friday 14th February 7pm - 9pm  (All Welcome)


Exhibition open

Sat 15th & Sun 16th Feb 11am-5pm  


“This is an ongoing body of work. It is a simple idea based around the clinking of the glass, which can mean the parting glass, or the meeting glass: one action but two very different meanings, both of good cheer. It is profile portraiture on glass of the many wonderful people I have had the honour to have met whilst living in the reet grand town. It is very much an indulgence in process of traditional methods of stained glass, a craft that has been my profession for over 30 years”



Sat 4th April 11am - 4pm

Hebden Bridge WI return to Northlight with their popular Rag market - a  fantastic market  place of all things textile!

Also at the Town Hall and the Egg Factory