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Up and Coming Artspace Events:


Sketching it Out  

24th / 25th March 11am- 4pm

During 2017, a number of sketchbookscirculated between the members of

Artist group Unit 9.  

The challenge for each artist was to make a contribution to the sketchbook, either responding in some way to what had gone before and developing a theme, or perhaps taking the thread off in an entirely new direction.  A stimulating and inspiring collaborative work.

The group is based at the South Square Arts Centre, Thornton:

John Allcock  Pat Belson   Patricia Calver   Jennie Crawford Sylvi Gibbs    Diane Jones    Richard Mort   Denise Oukhaba  Viv Owen    Nikki Sheen   Brian Rowlands   June Russell   

Nancy Stedman   Kate Stewart 




Bits of Stuff and occasional things - a Jonnie Brooks Art Show

31st March -  3rd  April 11am - 4pm

Jonnie Brooks is a young artist whose career started at Northlight classes in his teenage years. Now a Fine Art student in Manchester, this is his first solo exhibition.He defies conventions in making his art. Seemingly random imagery from a plethora of theories, themesand concepts collide to create a very personal, multi-layered take on the world we live in. His work uses diverse media: painting, assemblage,

sculpture, sound and installation.

“I take great influence and joy from chaos and it's eventual purity”



Friday ‘Artists Talk’ evenings  

Discover more about how artists work and share your experience over a glass of wine. Sessions will vary from

informal discussions, ‘Show & Tell’ evenings to more formal lectures.  £3 kitty    



Show and Tell Evening  27th April from 7.15pm

An informal, social opportunity to talk about a piece of your work, get feedback, network and share your creative passion.  Book your 5 min slot!




Don Myers   18th May 7pm

Don Myers has been painting for over 40 years. From inner city narratives to Hebdenlandscapes and homages, this talk will explore the themes that link the various periods of his career




Dominic Vince  ‘Van Gogh’   15th June 7pm

An illustrated talk exploring Van Gogh’s life and work - a must for all painters!


Although we don't ticket these events - its helpful to let us know you're coming so that we can guage seating,etc

Show and Tell evening slots must be reserved - we need 6= people to make the eveing work.  Spectators are welcome






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